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Multiplace Quadro Chamber

Hipertech has developed Quadro Chambers, featuring spacious, rectangular rooms designed for patient care, known as Quadro Care. These chambers incorporate all the features and conditions found in both Omega and Circular Chambers, while adhering to all relevant Medical Devices regulations. These regulations include EN14931, 93/42/EEC, 2017/745 MDR (EU), ASME PVHO, the Pressure Equipment Directive PED/2014/68/EU, and the standards required for the CE Mark.



Medical Device Quality Management Systems EN ISO 13485:2016

Modern Design

TurnKey HBO Center Project Development

Wide, Comfortable and Ergonomic Interior Design

3 Phased Fire Supression Systems (EN16081, NFPA99)

Sophisticated HiperSoft Software System (Customized Automation Option)

Medical Device Addition

Air Condition

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