About Us

              Hipertech is established in 2005 by Dr. Aytunç Yur and Dr .Ender Inci, who are owners of HBO Group and have 7 private HBO centers in Turkey since 1997. After they have started with HBO centers, they have decided to develop hyperbaric issues. Eventually, they have established Hipertech Electronic and Industrial Cooperation Company. Currently, Hipertech involved Istanbul University as HBO Group at Istanbul University Technology Development Zone Executive Inc., also realized 2 Tubitak projects as succeed. 


               As Hipertech, we provide high quality customized solutions and consultancy for your projects, using more than 15 years of knowledges and experiences. Hipertech is a manufacturer of Medical Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers and Diving Systems for Navy, Military, Governmental and Private Customers. Hipertech is able to provide solutions throughout a large area. Hipertech do implement and develop solutions with its local and international partners/suppliers for the hyperbaric and diving communities. 

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