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Monoplace Chamber

Hipertech produces full and semi-acrylic Monoplace Chambers designed according to ASME PVHO and EN14931, 93/42/EEC, 2017/745 MDR (EU), EN ISO 13485:2016, Pressure Equipment Directive PED/2014/68/EU and the CE Mark standards. With their wide interior design and safety precautions, Our Monoplace Chambers comply all global standards for your medical centers with high-end technology.

DSC_6176 kopya_edited.png


Automatic gas system when the door is open

Communication System between the patient and the operator

Entertainment System with remote TV

PLC-Automated System

Session Records

Acrylic complying ASME PVHO

Hyperbaric Approved Medical Equipment

O2 Analyzer with over-limit sensor and alarm


Patient Alarm Button

Quick Stop Button

Safety Door System

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