Health & Wellness Chamber

Slowing down cell deterioration one session at a time


Our one person mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are an amazing option for you to discover the world of HBOT at your own house. These chambers are designed to be operated easily by you inside the chamber via a tablet.


How does it work?

The aim of mHBOT is to provide a new way of rejuvenating your cells, with the comfort at your own house. The system has 4 components. The compressor, oxygen generator, control panel and the chamber itself. The working principal of the system is pressurizing the chamber via the compressor and breathing 100% oxygen during the session which lasts for 30 minutes.

The formula

The oxygen that we breath at sea level is 21%. However, when we pressurize the chamber up to 1.5 ATA, we can have more oxygen dissolved in our blood plasma. This process results in the extension in lifetime of our cells which directly means that extension in lifetime of our bodies.

Yoga yaparken kıdemli Çift


Enhanced learning capacity.

Decreased risk of lifestyle related chronic conditions.

Improved sleep quality.

Increased energy, stamina and neurological functions throughout the day.

Enhanced sexual performance

Improved concentration, memory, alertness and mental activity.